Annual Kindness Festival at West Brandywine
By Wagontown Fire Company
June 29, 2019

On Saturday, around 11 o'clock members gathered at the station to take part in the annual Kindness Festival at West Brandywine Township. The crews made sure the apparatus was in tip top shape and then proceeded to the festival.

The foundation was created after Justin Hayes tragically lost his life on May 22nd, 2016. Justin lived life daily touching people in quiet unspoken ways through his acts of kindness. One of our family's favorite quotes from Justin is "All that matters is how we've loved." This sentiment is at the heart of what we want to do with this foundation to honor his life, spirit and memory.

The mission of our foundation is to continue the impact on this earth that our beloved Justin started during his short life of 29 years.

Once at the township building the Engine then provided the back drop for the Paw Patrol, once the Paw Patrol was delivered the crew then mingled with the crowd and handed out some fire prevention material and enjoyed the event.

The day was a successful day despite the warm temperatures. Wagontown would like to thank the Justin's Foundation for allowing us to be part of this great cause.

Units: Engine, Tanker and Tac 35 along with the Chief's
Mutual Aid: West Brandywine Township, East Brandywine Fire