A day of scenario based training or "A Day in the Life" Program at the Training Center
By Wagontown Volunteers
May 11, 2019

Today members of Wagontown participated in “A day in the life” training at the Chester County Public Safety Training Center. This program provides valuable skill sets to those participating. Some of those skills are scene size up, incident management, apparatus placement, fire suppression, vehicle rescue, and many more. Crews were dispatched all day to different incidents inside the campus. This is one of the ways our volunteers ensure they are ready to protect the community.

Today was a great day in which the Junior Officers had the ability to handle incidents that were set up by the Instructor staff to challenge the companies and to reinforce teamwork among the companies training.

The program was developed by members of the Chester County Public Safety training team and this one was hosted by the Western Chester County Fire Chiefs to enable all of our partners who work together to train together today.

Special thanks to Engine 73 from the Ludwig's Corner Fire Company for covering us today while the crew trained.

Units: Engine 35, Rescue 35 and Squad 35
Mutual Aid: Ladder 41 (Coatesville), Engine 38 (Thorndale), Engine and Ambulance 37 (Modena) , Engine 48 (Glenmoore) and the County Instructor Staff