Members attend and Complete training
By Wagontown Fire Company Training Division
May 8, 2019

On Wednesday evening the company attended the graduation of Firefighter Dillon Copeland, Dillon attended the Chester County Fire I program held at the Chester County Public training center. The Fire I program is a 140 hour plus program in which the firefighter learns the basics needed to safely operate on the fire grounds as an interior firefighter. Dillon spent another good amount of time out of class learning and practicing all he learned in class. On Wednesday night all of that hard work payed off and Dillon graduated with his fellow class mates in a ceremony at the Training Center.

Also this month 4 members, John Yearsley, Tim Brown, John Rosenberry and Matt Stein completed their Boat Operations course as part of our Water / Swift Water rescue team we have at Wagontown.

Lieutenant Josh Taylor completed his Water Rescue Emergency Response or Phase I of water rescue along with the others who are working to ensure we always have members available for our water rescue team.

Firefighters Devin O'Keefe and Greg Ziegler completed the Pumper Driver Operations course held also at the Counties training center. This course covered driving, pumping operations as well as apparatus check procedures.

Many of these classes ended with National Testing, which means as mentioned in a previous article we strive to meet or exceed requirements for our members. They currently await the results of the national testing and have passed all of the state requirements.

Training never ends, we always strive to provide the possible service to anyone we may come in contact with.